To Be Inside or Not To Be Inside

The scanner is working again.  Now I just have to convince myself to sit at my desk while I finally scan these negatives and enjoy the view instead of sitting at the table in the yard enjoying the fresh air and sunshine directly.

In other news, the shop has become somewhat depleted due to two pretty-big purchases in as many weeks.  The biggest seller seems to be the letter sets.  Who knew?  I had no idea people (other than my pen pals and I) actually wrote to one another anymore on honest-to-goodness paper.  I guess I need to work on more designs and find a better printer for the envelopes.

It’s nearly the end of February — which was always my grandmother’s birthday.  As I stare out at my garden and the birds playing in the ficus hedge, I can’t help but think of her.  She was always growing something, cooking something (usually something I found gross or disturbing as she made “soul food” she just called “food” full of bacon grease and salt, things that never appealed to my palate even though I didn’t know what appealed to my palate until much later), and taking care of the birds.  She had bluebird houses all over the yard and made sure the birdfeeders were always full.

And now I have an urge to paint birds.

Great Blue Heron - Marina, Flamingo, Everglades Natl Park


spot-breasted oriole