Anhingas and Gators

Sunday, the girls and I headed off to the Everglades again.  I still need to drop the film off, but while we wait:


^(Shot with an honest-to-gawd Polaroid.)


20090419_0609webI love the Everglades.  It’s much more of an intellectual park than Yellowstone or Grand Canyon, but it has its subtle beauty and elegance if you look closely.

While down there, I found a book at the visitor center at Anhinga Trail.  I read River of Grass many years ago and I thought it was great — a bit like a rambling conversation with a very wise granny.  So far, The Swamp has been more like Steven Pinker — readable and entertaining, but adequately researched and informative.

My introduction to the Everglades, personally, came years ago when my husband worked for an environmental engineering company and his coworkers, including Everglades expert Dr. Thomas Lodge, used to go camping there from time to time.  It’s one thing to visit such fabulous wetlands on vacation and it’s another altogether to watch a man who knew Marjorie Stonemen Douglas as a close friend (not just “that lady a school’s named after) set up his ancient tent that looked like something out of an Arabian Nights movie shot in the 60s.

Trail Blazing

This morning started off getting down and dirty in the tree preserve near TYE Studios.  The goal was to get rid of as many noxious “potato vine” seedlings as possible, but we also cleared a few new trail areas to connect to existing trails.  It’s a very neat little area and one I usually find myself taking macro ground-level shots of (maybe because I’m often crawling around on my hands and knees looking for “potatoes”).

These are more snapshots of the area than proper “photographs.”  The area itself is rather astounding.  There are several habitats in there and we’ve seen all sorts of wildlife.  This time, I found the remains of a wild “snack.”





Some macro shots from the tree preserve:




And finally, I have the best “coworkers” in the world.