Art Walk

Last night was the Saturday of the Wynwood Arts District Art Walk down in Miami.

I’m still a bit amused by the fact that the old Fashion District is now the Arts District (we even walked past a vacant lot surrounded by cyclone fencing that held a tag-covered old sign for the Fashion District). I’m also amused by all the trendy hipsters swarming an area that a few years ago was more likely to sport car fires than galleries. It’s all very “Miami.”

Anyway, I took a few Polaroids.

Here you go:

Feel like you’ve gone back in time yet?


Vacation in Maine

The trip to Maine was delightful.  I’ve only managed to scan the Polaroids (which, there weren’t that many).   I still need to drop off the film.  Yes, I said “film.”  Film is a wonderful, marvolous thing.  It’s also a terrific back-up plan when you drop the digital gizmo in a pond.

img012vintagewebSnow Falls


downtown Norway, ME


Library (old jail) in Paris Hill, ME

img019webOld train depot (and current ice cream stand) in South Paris, ME

img035webRapids off Route 118

(I love how dreamy it looks with the blue cast of the film and the double exposure.)

img032lomowebBelfast waterfront taken from the footbridge