Art Walk

Last night was the Saturday of the Wynwood Arts District Art Walk down in Miami.

I’m still a bit amused by the fact that the old Fashion District is now the Arts District (we even walked past a vacant lot surrounded by cyclone fencing that held a tag-covered old sign for the Fashion District). I’m also amused by all the trendy hipsters swarming an area that a few years ago was more likely to sport car fires than galleries. It’s all very “Miami.”

Anyway, I took a few Polaroids.

Here you go:

Feel like you’ve gone back in time yet?


The Canon EOS 5D Mark II

I got a chance to play with the fancy Canon DSLR from TYE Studios last weekend. Now that Photoshop is working again, I can show you some of the pictures. I’m honestly not sure I’d want one of these cameras, though. I was pretty darn happy with my old Sony Cybershot before it went on an unauthorized swimming trip last summer. It was small and light and not-too-complicated and it did what I wanted it to do. The Canon is a complex behemoth.

I realize I could learn it. The question is whether I have time to do so (or whether I want to).

Anyway, pretty pictures:

Spring Apparently Means Kittens

A family friend’s husband found a kitten while landscaping and it appeared to have no home. It was about four weeks old and out roaming in bushes far from anyplace that might house the mom.

So, she ended up living here. So far, she’s drinking diluted goat’s milk and eating a little wet cat food. She’s been very bouncy and curious. The vet has given her a clean bill of health so far, but she can’t really get tested for anything or get vaccines for another month because she only weighs a pound. A pound.

Enough of the words…

Cute kitten pictures.

Newly Edited Photos

I edited these about a week ago.  I’ve been a bit unmotivated to post them as card possibilities on Etsy simply because with the economy still a bit sluggish, January a bit debt-riddled, and people in general a bit unwilling to send actual cards rather than text messages, I wasn’t sure I wanted to…

On the other hand, the cards still sell better the photographic prints.  I’m not sure why.  Perhaps it’s price point and perhaps it’s market saturation.  Perhaps only my friends and family want my “art” on their walls.  Perhaps I need to make business decisions with math instead of silly “feelings.”

If you have any opinions, please feel free to comment.

Otherwise, on to the pretty pictures:

Live Music Weekend Preview

Last week was apparently “Live Music Weekend.”  My friends and I saw The Shakers at Radioactive Records and Marie Nofsinger and Marianne Flemming at Mother Earth Coffee and Gifts.

I’ve finished scanning all the film, but haven’t finished editing and resizing, so you’ll have to make do for now with just a few.








It was very dark in both places and even with 800 speed film, it was hard to get a lot of good shots without a flash (which, would’ve been rude anyway).  Photos aside, the music was great.