The Cute, The Cranky, & The Creepy

My visual muse reappeared in the form of a borrowed D-SLR.

Here’s a few things I have to show for it.

I still need to “sift” through the “creepy” ones and edit the best of the two set-ups. Hopefully, I’ll get to that soon.


Art Walk

Last night was the Saturday of the Wynwood Arts District Art Walk down in Miami.

I’m still a bit amused by the fact that the old Fashion District is now the Arts District (we even walked past a vacant lot surrounded by cyclone fencing that held a tag-covered old sign for the Fashion District). I’m also amused by all the trendy hipsters swarming an area that a few years ago was more likely to sport car fires than galleries. It’s all very “Miami.”

Anyway, I took a few Polaroids.

Here you go:

Feel like you’ve gone back in time yet?

The Canon EOS 5D Mark II

I got a chance to play with the fancy Canon DSLR from TYE Studios last weekend. Now that Photoshop is working again, I can show you some of the pictures. I’m honestly not sure I’d want one of these cameras, though. I was pretty darn happy with my old Sony Cybershot before it went on an unauthorized swimming trip last summer. It was small and light and not-too-complicated and it did what I wanted it to do. The Canon is a complex behemoth.

I realize I could learn it. The question is whether I have time to do so (or whether I want to).

Anyway, pretty pictures: