More from Maine


We missed fireworks on the fourth because we were in Maine and it was raining and apparently rain in Maine falls equally well on plains and valleys and hills and mountains and… well, you get the idea.  Anyway, the night before our last in the state we passed a small fair, but it was getting late and it was still drizzling so we decided to come back the next night.  The next night we were tired, exhausted really, from our day’s adventures, but we dragged ourselves over to Harrison for the fair.  The town was packed; people were walking down hills all around carrying lawn chairs and blankets.  We passed a hand-scribbled sign on a local market saying the fireworks had been rescheduled for Thursday.  I thought for a moment, because vacation can steal the days of the week from one’s brain, and discovered it was indeed Thursday.  Sitting on some sort of fair contraption, we watched fireworks over Crystal Lake while the carny played Born in the USA.






I used up all the film before the fireworks started, but that’s okay.  The smell doesn’t photograph well.  Some things you have to just live and experience.


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