Photo Scan – 69% complete

I’ve been scanning the twelve rolls (of 35mm) from Maine (and one roll from last weekend’s snorkeling adventure) over the past week.  I’ve also been to beachside yoga, a record-release party, the beach for an afternoon, work, a doctor’s appointment, and half the stores in three area codes running errands.

Speaking of stores: Walgreens used to do a fine job of developing my film.  Before they turned into CVS, Eckerd used to do a remarkable job of developing my film.  Now, considering the machine does most of the work, I have trouble understanding the recent drop in the quality of work I got from Walgreens.  I mean, there was one roll with scratches on it, several rolls that were cut wrong (like pictures with their edges cut off), and negatives all mixed up from one roll to the next (one set has three image-# 1s.  How did we get to a point where this sort of shoddy work is even acceptable?

The thing is, even their negative sleeves now say “Where America Takes Its Digital Pictures.”  First of all, why do I need to take my digital pictures anywhere?  I have a computer.  I have external hard drives.  I have a scanner.  I have a serviceable photo printer (for small prints).  I have an external photo-printing house I adore for printing larger images or batches (and they get my files digitally).  Secondly, if negatives have become too difficult for the staff (at least at this particular Walgreens) to manage, how am i to trust them with digital files that are much easier to corrupt or delete or destory?  I can fix most of the negative flaws (that sounds redundant, but it isn’t) in PhotoShop.  If I were digitally-inept enough to need Walgreens to print my digital pictures, I probably wouldn’t have thought to make a copy or backup my memory card, etc.

Okay, enough complaining.  Just take heed when you turn over your pictures, digital or anlog.

Here’s what you stopped by for, pictures:


img015 copy




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