Life Intervenes

I’ve done less creating the past week or so, but I’ve done a bit more living.

20090605_1179 web

I played a rousing game of Trivial Pursuit with a buddy of mine.  Normally, I hate photographing people.  They grin at you or make funny faces or move when they aren’t supposed to or you need special lighting to bring out their best features or they hate this thing or want you to hide that…  I’m also frequently drawn to the ugly, the old, the abstracted, the miscolored, the tiny details…and people don’t generally want you up on their wrinkles with a macro lens.


I still take snapshots of friends and family — though not nearly as many as my mother would like.  Most snapshots of friends and family are like everyone else’s snapshots: sometimes a little blurry, sometimes overrun with red-eye, sometimes disastrously dark or blurry or grainy/noisy, sometimes full of those silly grins and funny faces.


C.-Het is one of those friends, though, who tends to star in more good snapshots than bad.  Sure, there are the drunken shots that should stay in their box/file/harddrive folder and avoid the light of day.  Almost all of us have those, though this new digital-confessional age has many of us running for the shredder/delete button so we can get/keep jobs and/or scholarships.  She doesn’t really like any more of the snapshots of herself than the rest of us.  It’s unfortunate, though, because a much higher percentage of them seem to have artistic merit than the snapshots I shoot of other people.


C.-Het is a musician of sorts.   She’s semi-relapsed or reformed or uncharged or off the wagon or whatever you call it when an artistic soul sells itself for rent money and gets used up or bled out or exhausted and finds itself pained by the lost time and song.  Maybe it’s the musical side of her that always shows up for the camera — the part of her that’s always secretly posing for album art despite the lack of an album.  She’s not a glossy glamour girl in the eyes of the lens so it’s good she usually echews bubbly pop, but I’m not sure her piano-adept fingers know she’s been making images for an indie/alt/folk/southern rockish cover.



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