Hunting Down Images

Remember the days when looking for a photo meant rumaging through albums or binders or shoeboxes or dozens of those envelopes that came back from drugstore photofinishers?  I still have those — don’t get me wrong.  I just went digital rummaging, though, and it’s weird.

You can’t search for something in the electronic world if you don’t know what it’s called or at least part of what it’s called.  By “search” of course, I mean the feature that allows the Macs and PCs to go locate your lost treasures for you.  To rummage, you must do what you did in the days of physical photos: you have to try to remember where you last saw it, what group of things it might be with, or which room it’s in.  After that, though, digital rummaging is the lazy gal’s version of the old-school hunt.  From my current laptop I can go out on the home network and click through all the folders on my external hard drives, my husband’s computer and external hard drives and my niece’s computer until I find what I’m looking for.

In the end, I found the files.  I rediscovered the rest of the photos from my 10th anniversary trip to the Keys and I’m letting the machines copy the files for me.  It still took an hour of rummaging.  I still feel drained by the experience.

I will be posting a first round of photographic prints this weekend, but first I need to do some serious file organization.  Organization experts are now suggesting that people not bother doing that.  They say search features on newer operating systems (OS) like Vista and every everything Mac has put out in more than a decade. allow a user to find files easily no matter where they are.  While this works well for documents with words.  I never need to hunt for old writing samples, last year’s lesson plans, or even recipes because I can remember a word or phrase from the document or part of the name.  With photos that might be called something ubiquitous like DCS-003492.jpg/IMG0483.jpg or something completely inaccurate (I found a whole folder of photos named KWtrip07-00*.jpg yet the photos were obviously taken in Savannah, GA), softwae just isn’t able to locate the “kind-of greenish espresso maker” yet.  So, I need to hunt down the things I think I’ll need and put them someplace I’ll be able to easily find them in the future.


kw_28thmorning-013webBreakfast of Champions – Key West Style


2 thoughts on “Hunting Down Images

  1. I have countless shoeboxes of photographs that I continually tell myself I am going to go through. As I sit here, I can see them in the closet, almost mocking me.

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